We deliver process engineering and modeling services for our clients from the environmental and bioprocess industries. Process design, model development, calibration, custom software solutions development, artificial intelligence solutions - just to name a few of our activities.

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Nonlineum is formed by young and enthusiastic process engineers who believe in transforming traditional process engineering tools and recent scientific results in engineering, computer science and artificial intelligence research into tools that support environmental and bioprocess engineers throughout their professional tasks.

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Dynamic modeling

Spending the last 15 years with dynamic modeling, it became pretty much obvious what people working in the field miss: efficient and accurate dynamic simulations of complex plants, without the limitation of their desktop computers.

We took simulations to the cloud where you can configure how much computational power you want to throw to your simulation, without any compromise. The resulting monster is called Theo. Theo can stay in our cloud or it can be moved to your computational infrastructure too. Details are just one click away.

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Process design

Process design in wastewater industry is mostly done by process engineers, using dynamic simulations. In the vast majority of cases these engineers do repetitive work - so why not automate it, using modern tools like fuzzy logic and expert systems?

The best thing is that you don't have to do anything, as we have done it for you. Meet Pace, the process designer tool that has all the knowledge of your process engineers.

Meet Pace

AI serving process engineers

Wastewater treatment plant control algorithms are developed based mostly on rule-of-thumbs. Modern artificial intelligence algorithms together with efficient dynamic simulation can hugely help to control your plant. Our solution, Gabriel learns the ins and outs of your plant, and comes up with process control strategies you have never dreamed of; learn more on how this happens.

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